Well planned and well built facilities can make an enormous difference in the quality of your training and help ensure the success of your event.  The Oakwood facility was planned from the ground up, with the vision to create a venue that could comfortably host events both small and large.  We wanted it to be a pleasure for riders and agistees to train and work with their horses. 


We are here to support you any way we can!  We are experienced at managing events, small or large, and can prepare an event plan and quote to suit your specific needs.  If you are planning an event, we welcome you to call us and discuss your requirements.


Arena 1












Fully enclosed, oversized indoor arena 70m x 35m.

Soft fine sand and sawdust surface, manicured weekly to ensure it remains even and a pleasure to ride at all times.

Two arena entrances, one centrally located at the long end (direct outside access) and one located at the side (adjacent to the undercover stable complex).

Overhead lighting.

Tiered spectator seating that provides a spectacular view of the entire arena.

Arena 2












Open sided oversized indoor arena 70m x 30m.  The open sides provide great air flow, which is particularly welcome during hot weather.

Martin Collins surface that is manicured weekly to ensure it remains even and a pleasure on which to ride at all times.

Two arena entrances, one centrally located at the long end (direct outside access), one located at the side (adjacent to the undercover stable complex).

Arena 3

Outdoor arena 60m x 20m.

River sand x rubber surface.

This arena is located adjacent to our cross country course, making it a terrific facility for one day events or club training days.

Cross Country Course

Professionally designed and built course, comprising a variety of jump types and heights to support your cross country training.

Dressage & Showjumping Equipment

White dressage competition rails and letters available for use with arena hire.

Ample show jumps available for use with arena hire.

Day Yards

Most with automatic water drinkers, our steel framed day yards are safe and secure for day or overnight use.

Float & Truck Parking

Gravel float and truck parking bay with easy access for even the biggest rigs!

Wash Bays

Two undercover hot wash bays centrally located in the stable complex, fitted with overhead hoses.

A third wash bay located adjacent to Arena 3.

Conference Room

Large open air conditioned conference room with views to both Arena 1 and Arena 2.

Perfect facility for conferences, clinics and seminars, or simply relaxing after your ride.

Direct access to commercial kitchen and bar.

Audio visual equipment available, including large screen TV (excellent presentation display) and stereo.

Coffee and tea always available.

Commercial Kitchen & Bar

Large commercial kitchen available for event hire.

Equipped with ample fridge space, oven and stove top, pie warmer, hot dog machine, microwave oven and dishwasher.  

Ample crockery and cutlery to cater for any event.

Ability to open servery to conference room.

Oakwood is a licensed venue.  A large-sized bar sits adjacent to the kitchen and is equipped with a fridge and glassware.

Outdoor Barbeques

Two modern barbeques and outdoor seating freely available for use by agistees and visitors.

Toilet & Shower Facilities

Centrally located inside, Oakwood offers toilet, shower and bathroom facilities

Horse rug washing machine

Heavy duty commercial washing machine available for rug washing.


Available to agistees and riders, lockers are available to secure personal items during your ride or visit.

Facility Hire Pricing

Equestrian Facility

Arena 1, full day $500

Arena 1, half day $300

1/2 Arena 1, plus spectator seating, full day $250

1/2 Arena 1, plust spectator seating, half day $150


Arena 2, full day $400

Arena 2, half day $250

Cross Country Paddock, full day $250

Cross Country Paddock, half day $150

Cross Country Paddock plus Arena 3, full day $360

Cross Country Paddock plus Arena 3, half day $220

Conference room & Kitchen, full day $200

Conference room & kitchen, half day $150

Yard $15 per day

Stable with bedding, DIY clean $45 per day

Stable with bedding, + cleaning service $60 per day

Stable, no bedding, DIY clean $30 per day

Stable, no bedding + cleaning service $45 per day

Full day:  Up to 8 hours

Half day:  Up to 4 hours

Payment:  25% deposit is required to confirm your booking