Erica Russell

Erica is not only our Head Coach at Oakwood, but also manages the equine side of the organisation. Erica brings her knowledge of Oakwood into this role managing the school horses, agistment and the ORS team!


Ashleigh Sosa

Ashleigh has been coaching at Oakwood for over a year now and having completed a Diploma in Performance Horse Industry Management, she fits right into the role to manage the business side of the riding school organising clinics, events & projects while still coaching!


How long have your worked for Oakwood?

Just over a year as a coach and loving it!

What does a typical day look like for you at ORS?

No such thing as a typical day! Every day is new and exciting. During the day I am organising clinics, events, holiday programs etc while assisting clients with queries and bookings. 

I organise to publish the monthly e-news (make sure to subscribe!), update our social media pages and website, as well as meet with our Committee of Management every month to update them on all things Oakwood!

In the afternoons and evenings, I am out coaching riders on our fabulous school horses!

What about your horse?

Which one! I have 12 horses as I breed Welsh ponies! My main horse is my super star 16.3hh Thoroughbred, Red! We are big dressage fans but enjoy hitting the trails, beach and riding up the bush! My welsh ponies at home are much loved show ponies which keep me busy preparing for the show ring!

What do you do outside of your work at ORS?

Ride and care for my horses! Outside of that I love photography, music and camping!

What do you like most about Oakwood?

I feel very honoured to be a part of the team at Oakwood. From the first day I started I was welcomed to the Oakwood family and am often referred to now as "part of the furniture"! The Oakwood community is incredibly supportive and we have such a great, knowledgeable team who are all assisting me in achieving my goal of obtaining my Level 1 EA Dressage Coaching qualification!

How long have you worked for Oakwood?
A long time now!!
What does a typical day look like for you at Oakwood Riding School?
Tending to the horses, supporting and encouraging my team and clients.
What is your history with Oakwood?
What about your horses?
Mo !!
What do you do outside of your work at Oakwood?
Life is pretty simple.  I spend my free time either with my family, or with my horses.  That's about it really!
What do you like most about Oakwood?